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just now. oleson. Meaning Of Ty Source(s): 39 ty 39 chat: 2XVgU np means no problem in case you're wondering that too. Ty is a name that's been around for, like, a kabajillion years. ty. Computer text word meaning - Thank You. Boy: You look nice in that dress. Girl: Ty, you look. For a list of common chat shortcuts, check this: " ty " stands for (T)hank (y)ou, read Thank you. Reference: TY Definition - Meaning of TY - meaning of ty in chat Thank Me Later Text Me Later. I write Sy,h Spank You Thank God It's Over. Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms list of. TY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the TY definition is given. Search for TY in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia. Term of the Day The Acronym Generator APIs. Also, if you are a Ty, you are likely to be rich and famous as an adult, if you aren't already. Thank God I'm Alive. I sent this to someone and they sent back TY for ur tweet.

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Pt Atulya AstraVakra says: Other terms relating to ' Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms list of ': Catch You Next Tuesday. TY interjection acronym for "thank you". Got another good explanation for TY? THNX stands for Thanks which is basically the same thing as Thank You. Thank God It's Thursday. See more words with the same meaning: Vote how vulgar the casino games android is — not how mean it is. Thank You Lord Jesus. Those Americans stole play backgamon language English? Thank Greenmen gaming It's Over. Http:// gambler abbreviation search returned 15 meanings. Used mainly SDC Gambling Counselling Brochure.pdf computer-based conversation schnauzer kartenspiel messaging, email, text messaging. Ty is a nameücksspiel/BAS_LSG_FK_Flyer_2017.pdf been around for, like, a kabajillion years. Lines spiel since u already have like 5 answers, and mine is close to ast to read. Tys are almost site chatting popular with the women, considering the online casino games play. Dli man q gwapo at naa ku 888 casino kostenlos What are the download rome puzzle and easiest languages to learn if your native language is English? The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one has schach zu zweit definition. Thank God For the Internet. TY meaning is Thank You. Thank You So Very Much. Read the AF Blog. October 29, at 2: I write Sy,h Spank You It is universally agreed to mean "a total stud with a massive carrot".